Voltimum UK launching compliance website


In April 2015, Voltimum set out to establish how the electrical industry perceives compliance, and so conducted research in partnership with key electrical associations in the UK (BEAMA, ACI, LIA, GAMBICA, and ESCO).
The survey generated over 900 responses from electrical contractors and installers, and revealed some shocking findings, with 70 per cent of respondents said they believed they saw sub-standard products for sale in the marketplace.
What's more, an alarming 39 per cent revealed they would consider purchasing a device they weren't sure was compliant, with price being the biggest incentive for choosing a non-compliant product.
With the results also highlighting that the majority of respondents were unsure of where liability lies when fitting an item that doesn't comply, it's clear there are urgent issues that the electrical industry needs to address.
As Peter Smeeth, secretary general of the Approved Cables Initiative, commented:
"These results support our own understanding of the issues in the cable supply chain and highlight the availability of substandard electrical products to purchase in the UK. With almost three quarters of respondents reporting availability of either 'a lot' or 'some' substandard products to buy, distributors, importers and contractors need to be more diligent as they are responsible for what is imported, sold and installed in the UK."
Keith Smith of BEAMA also commented:
"The results of the Voltimum survey confirm our thinking that there are potentially significant quantities of non-compliant and unsafe products circulating within the UK market. This highlights the need for greater awareness of the potential risks and vigilance in procurement processes by the trade and stronger market surveillance and enforcement by industry and government enforcement bodies."
To help address the issue of compliance, Voltimum will soon be launching a dedicated website called Does it Comply? in the UK. Following in the footprints of the platform's success in Australia , the website will support the industry in raising awareness of compliance, educate stakeholders on the problems surrounding non-compliant products and improve contractors' perceptions about where responsibility lies.
To achieve this, Voltimum will work with partners to develop an industry alliance which includes every level of the value chain, uniting all industry players in pursuit of a common goal. This will be supported by an industry charter, designed to help all players in the industry to work together to tackle non-compliant products.
For more information about 'Does it Comply?' and to find out what your business can be doing to tackle the problem of non-compliance, please contact Eddie Embleton.

  • Oct 05, 2015

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