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About Us - Does it Comply?

Does It Comply? is an industry initiative lead by ACI, BEAMA, LIA, ESCO and GAMBICA and supported by Voltimum. The mission is to educate and inform contractors, installers, and specifiers to the damaging consequences to the industry from the trade in non-compliant product, whilst raising the profile to the wider stakeholders of issues with non-compliant products. 


Question - Does it Comply?

Our question is simple, and it's one we want everyone within the electrical value chain from home owners to suppliers to ask: "Does it Comply?" (to the UK Electrical Industry Standards). Asking this question each time you do business eliminates the risk that you could be potentially be inadvertently purchasing or installing non-compliant product.

Installing unsafe, non-compliant equipment in error can be a costly mistake. Aside from the cost to your business of repeating the work, any house fires or shocks arising out of the use of non-compliant product could cause loss of life or property and result in legal liabilities to electrical contractors who install these products, and the manufacturers or distributors who sell them.

In November 2014, Voltimum set out to establish how the UK electrical industry perceives compliance, and so partnered with the leading associations to survey over 900 installers and contractors. This generated some shocking results, with over 70% of respondents saying they believe they saw sub-standard products in the market place, whilst an alarming 39% revealed they would consider purchasing a device they weren’t sure was compliant. As these findings highlight, there are clearly some urgent issues that the industry needs to address.


Training & Education

One of the key objectives of this campaign is training and education. Voltimum, BEAMA, LIA, GAMBICA, ACI, and ESCO will run online training programs throughout the year that will help users better understand the dangers, liabilities and implications of using non-compliant product, as well as assisting in identifying product which is non-compliant.

Contractors who undertake the training will be rewarded with a Does it Comply? partner logo which should be used on all business and marketing collateral as it is evidence of the contractor's pledge to purchase only quality, compliant materials and demonstrates their commitment to ensuring the safety of their clients.


Industry Alliance


The trade in non-compliant and counterfeit products is not a victimless crime; it hurts the electrical industry as a whole and diminishes the trust and reputation of people and companies that are doing the right thing.

BEAMA, LIA, GAMBICA, ACI, ESCO and Voltimum through the Does it Comply? campaign have created a strong industry alliance committed to respect the industry by manufacturing, importing, promoting, selling and using only compliant and genuine product.

If you would like to find out more about this campaign please email us direct at: [email protected]