Counterfeiting in the electrical and electronic systems supply chain is now a fact of life that almost certainly affects all companies, whether they know it or not, with a wide range of old and new technologies being counterfeited and supplied from a wide range of sources.  Counterfeits can lead to equipment downtime or even catastrophic failure, significant investigation and rectification costs, and loss of custom and reputation. 

Action to counter the threat is also evolving with new best practice and solutions developing all the time. The continued emergence of third party accreditation against international standards for managing counterfeits is a welcome development. This seminar will focus on current trends and new developments in combating counterfeits in the supply chain with an emphasis on case studies from businesses that have developed effective counterfeit management plans. Scheduled to run from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm with breaks for refreshments and a buffet lunch and will include presentations providing information on:
• Work being undertaken in different parts of the supply chain to combat counterfeits
• Case studies explaining how to set up and maintain a counterfeit management plan
• An update on International standards for the management of counterfeits in the supply chain and the development of independent accreditation services
• Other best practice to help reduce the risk of counterfeits infiltrating your business
• How law enforcement and direct action against counterfeiters can help to reduce the threat of counterfeits in the supply chain
• Recent major trends in counterfeiting and counterfeit avoidance and an overview of how to access further information.

There will be plenty of opportunity for delegates to raise questions, participate in a discussion forum and interact with our speakers during the day.

For more information about the seminar, including a copy of the draft agenda, please contact the Anti-Counterfeiting Forum or Elan Business Support. 

About the Anti-Counterfeiting Forum

The Anti-Counterfeiting Forum is wholly owned and managed by Elan Business Support Ltd.

The Forum helps to exchange, develop and disseminate best practice and intelligence to mitigate against the threat of counterfeits in the electronic and electrical supply chains by:
• Working closely with a number of Government and industry bodies and attending a number of relevant Government and industry forums. As founder members, the Anti-Counterfeiting Forum recently received the Ministry of Defence Quality Award in recognition of our contribution to the MOD Industry Counterfeit Awareness Working Group
• Managing the Anti-Counterfeiting Forum website, organising annual counterfeit awareness seminars and providing presentations and talks at relevant industry events.

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  • Jan 08, 2018

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