The British Cable Association provides information on the new numbering for UK standards for LV wiring and flexible cables


This article, provided by the British Cable Association (BCA) provides a brief but concise explanation of the changes following the issue of the BS EN 50525 series of standards, for wiring and flexible cables up to and including 450/750V. The full series was published on 30th September 2011.

This publication, which is in 18 parts, does not require any change to UK manufacturing and market practice. In fact, products remain unchanged - only some references and numbers are different. There is a permitted transition period. BSI has agreed with industry that a date of January 1st 2013 will apply for full changeover.

To see the full document (PDF - 128 kB file size), please click on the link below.

Further information:

For further information about any of these changes, please contact:

BSI - for availability of published standards -

BCA - for details of UK manufacturers -

BASEC for details of voluntary third party approvals relating to all cable types -

More about the BCA:

The British Cables Association (BCA) is the trade association for British manufacturers of insulated cables and wires and associated products. The BCA is the Trade Association of CMPS Ltd.




  • Sep 16, 2012

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