Chinese Government to crack down on counterfeiting


The Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce has announced a nationwide crackdown on counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) infringement.

The campaign, which will run for the second quarter of 2013, will target products encountered in everyday life, including household appliances, daily necessities and products used in construction. It will also focus on counterfeits that most distort and confuse markets, such as copies of established reputable brands.

The news will be welcomed by all legitimate companies operating in China, as well as those pushing for improved public safety. Counterfeit and non-compliant products of all varieties can be extremely dangerous and the moves by the Chinese authorities are expected to help restrict the number that end up in the hands of innocent workers and consumers.

One strand of the initiative will improve communication throughout the hierarchy of public bodies, strengthening the connections between regions and central government. All levels of authority will be asked to prioritise enforcement of IPR laws in an effort to bring tangible results.

By prioritising high value cases, the administration hopes to make an example of counterfeiters and produce a deterrent, whilst also bringing the issue to the public attention – and the general public and businesses are also asked to contribute by reporting any information on the trade of counterfeit products.

Alongside greater enforcements and increased prosecutions, the campaign will also improve education on the unfair competition counterfeiting entails. In doing so, the Government hopes to promote better quality markets by protecting reputable companies and encouraging further enterprise.

In order to understand the benefits of the campaign, regional authorities will be asked to send monthly statistical reports on enforcement actions. These will then be compiled and summarised by the State Administration with the first set of data expected in July 2013.

The Chinese campaign is further evidence that countries all over the world are taking the dangers of counterfeiting very seriously and implementing measures to restrict the worldwide trade in these products. Whilst counterfeit and non-compliant goods continue to pose a threat to consumers and markets, industry and consumer bodies are likely to be encouraged by national initiatives such as this.

BEAMA will actively support the campaign based on the experience and knowledge gained in over 12 years of active anti-counterfeit project work and the strength of relationships with local law enforcement bodies.

  • Oct 22, 2014

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