Keeping an EYE on Safety


The UK electrical industry has passed a milestone with the news that over 15 million counterfeit products have been seized since 2001 as a result of industry collaboration.

Although the total of 15,260,746 suggests a large scale trade in fake electrical goods, this continuing progress is making it more and more difficult for counterfeiters to get away with making and distributing unsafe copies.

The number is put into sharp focus by considering that every product seized has the potential to harm end users who are unfortunate enough to come into contact with it.

Anti-counterfeiting action is vital to protect the public from these unsafe and illegal electrical products.

With this in mind, consumers should be optimistic that UK industry continues to work together, and with both domestic and international public bodies who see a worldwide problem that cannot be solved by organisations or countries operating in isolation. Product seizures have been a result of an open attitude and information sharing between companies, associations, officials and investigators – and the anti-counterfeiting network is getting bigger and stronger all the time.

A ‘Blow the Whistle’ function also allows visitors to the Counterfeit Kills website to play their part. Those who encounter or suspect the trade or use of counterfeit electrical goods can inform BEAMA (confidentially if preferred) who will take the necessary steps to track the problem and put an end to that supply route.

With ongoing collaboration exerting increasing pressure on counterfeiters, the counter at the top of every Counterfeit Kills web page is set to keep ticking over until, as the UK electrical industry hopes, there will be no more counterfeit products to seize.



  • Sep 23, 2015

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