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Draka clarifies the confusion surrounding new code of practice

  • Jan 07, 2013

The publishing in February 2010 of the new BS 8519:2010 Code of Practice led to a number of misleading claims being made for some cables, according to Draka, with the confusion appearing to have arisen from a misinterpretation of the different test methods required for power and control cables.

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ICEL explains why and how the Code of Practice for emergency lighting, BS 5266-1, has been revised

  • Jan 28, 2012

BS 5266-1 has been fully revised to harmonise with European standards and UK legislation. The aim of the recommendations is to encourage application uniformity, based on providing adequate safety to building occupants should there be interruption to the normal lighting for any reason. They also take into account hazard levels and the necessary familiarity of building occupants with the premises concerned. The standard recognises that, as well ensuring a safe unobstructed way of escape from a building at all times, it is essential that emergency lighting enables the immediate location and operation of fire alarm call points and fire-fighting equipment. BS 5266-1 also aims to minimise the possibility of people panicking in enclosed spaces, such as lifts. Now that compliance is judged using risk assessments, ICEL, the emergency lighting arm of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), provides guidance to the revisions, and to the action that should be taken concerning existing non-compliant sites.

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Draka - Building Regs Approved Doc B - does your installation comply with fire safety engineering requirements?

  • Jan 07, 2011

Does your installation comply with the fire safety engineering requirements? Help ensure compliance using FTP120 fire resistant power and control cable systems for life safety and fire fighting applications, says Draka, in this PDF document, which also provides typical power applications within BS 8519-2010.

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