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Counterfeit electrical products can cause injury, fire – and KILL!

  • Dec 02, 2015

Trading Standards Officers are constantly on the look out for fake products. But, a sector rarely considered is electrical items – whether it’s chargers, extension cords, cables, lighting, circuit breakers, fuses, accessories or switches. None of these items are immune from being counterfeited and could have serious health and safety implications.

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Blow The Whistle

  • Nov 22, 2015

If you encounter or suspect the trade or use of counterfeit electrical installation products, we advise you make contact with the manufacturer whose original product has been counterfeited.

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BEAMA's briefing on Counterfeit Kills and Non-compliant products Video

  • Nov 16, 2015

Watch Now! Welcome to this BEAMA briefing on Counterfeit Kills and Non-compliant products. We hope you enjoy this Video.

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  • Nov 08, 2015

BEAMA executive chairman Dave Dossett explains why electrical contractors and engineers must play their part and be vigilant.

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Counterfeit Kills Poster - Blow the whistle.

  • Nov 03, 2015

It's YOUR responsibility...only buy genuine quality electrical products - NOT counterfeits...

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COUNTERFEITING – insidious, global ‘business’

  • Oct 21, 2015

Download Beama's Leaflet on Counterfeiting!

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BEAMA's counterfeit leaflet

  • Oct 03, 2015

BE SAFE – Don’t electrocute your customers Join BEAMA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group in defeating the devious counterfeiter of electrical goods

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Watch BEAMA's Anti-Counterfeiting Video

  • Oct 01, 2015

Watch BEAMA's Anti-Counterfeiting Video on what you can do this prevent happening in UK. We hope you enjoy this Video!

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Keeping an EYE on Safety

  • Sep 23, 2015

Landmark demonstrates significant progress made by electrical industry initiative.

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When it comes to EMC it Pays to Comply

  • Nov 11, 2014

American university finds fake phone chargers could be used to spread viruses.

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Chinese Government to crack down on counterfeiting

  • Oct 22, 2014

National campaign aims to protect markets and consumers.

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Amazon not liable for sale of counterfeits on its Marketplace

  • Apr 09, 2014

US Court rules onus on trademark owner to provide evidence of infringement

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